Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm still here

Just been busy...lots going on, but if you read this you probably know it all. Here is a pic from my reunion this weekend. Shelly, Michelle and I. Wow, I can't believe that it has been almost 25 years since we were last at the round table in the cafeteria eating cheetos and those peanut butter and chocolate cookies for lunch...and we were skinny...Looks like I am the only one that continued to do that after high school... Yall look great! I had a great time, and still recouping.. it will be a long time before I stay out until 4:30 again! geeezzzz....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Haley & Bobby

I had the "opportunity" to take some cheerleading and football pics the other day... I'm not used to sports photography so it is a little new to me. I think I ended up taking better "couple" pics than anything decide and give me your opinion!

Monday, August 24, 2009

His last first day...

Since it is customary for me to post the first day pics here it is... it isn't great, I had to wipe the sleep from my eyes to take it... He was up bright and early and really ready for school. Senior year, only goes 1/2 day, he is in heaven... me, not so much. It is hard to believe that he will be heading to college next year and I won't get to take pics of it. One part of me is really excited about the young man that he is becoming, and part of me is sooo sad to see the kid in him gone... I hope that he has a great Senior year, stays out of trouble, and enjoys every minute of it. These are really the days he will remember!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I have some new pics to post...finally!

Sneak peak for Barb until she gets home and can view them all....this is was my first try with studio lighting. I know that I can do better!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Yes, finally a new post, a new gripe...
So I went to buy a bathing suit the other day. Dillards was having this sale, awesome sale, which made bathing suits basically 70% off. So, stimulating the economy and fulfilling a need to wear a bathing suit that was not 5 years old on my next vacation off I go.... I walk right past the matter how much weight I lose, I don't think I will ever see a bikini again...I got too much baggage to hide!! So, on to the big girl, cover me up bathing suits! I find a couple of suits that I think might look ok and head to the ever dreaded dressing room. I try the suits on and MUCH to my surprise I actually like quite a few of them. So I figure hey, I never like bathing suit shopping so lets buy all of them!!! So $160 later, I leave with 5 suits. Not too bad I might add. Yesterday I am heading to the Mall to return some stuff to Macys and thought I might need to take them out of the bag and try them on one more time to make sure... then all of a sudden WTH? Why in my own mirror do these suits look awful? One that I thought was really cute with some flowers on it makes me gag. It was like the flowers had gone from boutinere size to a freaking table arrangement, a big one... that one had to go back for sure! I can see people on the beach now watch out here comes that lady with a huge flower on her huge stomach!!! So I am leaving you with a question to do some research, do they alter the mirrors they use in the dressing rooms? Is it the mirror? The lighting? or was I just freaking blind when I picked some of them out? I'm now down to 3 bathing suits... so no trips longer than 3 days or I will have to go back to the big bertha standby suit that is 5 years old!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

hmmm read this

It pertains to my last post read the comments some are hilarous!!!

Then diggin deeper I found this one..

Reading the comments of both pretty much justifies (like I freaking needed that...) my blog entry this week!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Target vs Walmart...

To some of you this may be a no brainer.. for me it used to be quite gut wrenching knowing that Walmart is so much cheaper. In this day and age it is all about price..well almost. see why
Trip #1 Walmart
I drive through the parking lot dodging little kids left and right that do not have the sense to get the heck out of the way of a freaking car! hello... make it to the crosswalk where I have to wait for 30 people, walking slow as a grandma or chasing their kids around while leaving their cart right in front of me leaving me at a standstill. Finally, make it past that only to find a spot 30 cars down the row. I make it to the crosswalk on foot only to be almost run over by some trashy white teenager with their rap music blaring so loud that they can't hear me yelling at them. Finally the blast of cold air when I make it through the door. I am now greated by every nationality there is in the world except another white person... we have all the countries covered and I haven't even made it past the check out stands on the way in. Now to find the bread isle. They rearranged this walmart and all walmarts are laid out different, so where the heck is the bread. Finally found the bread. What? No Sara Lee 45 cal bread? The bread that is one freaking WW point for 2 pcs...screw it I won't buy any other bread... So I start making my way out the door only to stop by produce and see a little girl of I don't know what nationality with a plastic produce bag over her head just waiting to suffocate to death. Hello where is your ignorant mommy??? oh there she is hey stupid, don't you know that can kill a kid? WAKE UP! she just looked at me because of course she doesn't speak English. Then suddenly over the loud speaker there is an advertisement in Spanish....OMG get me out fast. So I run, get in my car and drive across the street to Target.
Trip #2 Target
I find a parking spot 2nd from the front. Walk in the front door, past the produce, the bread is the first isle. Walk to the end of the isle pick up my parmesean cheese and head to the checkout. I haven't encountered one foul smelling person yet, no one with 10 earrings, no kids running loose like wild bangees...I make it to the check out there is a caucasion person that checks me out. And bam I am out the door in 2 minutes and back in my car.

I'm a target fan...even if it cost me .30 extra cents!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wii active

In this movement to lose weight besides joining WW to control my eating I also went out and bought WII active. Sure I had Wii fit, and no, I never turned it on after the first week, but this one is different. First off, Shelly told me that she was going to go and buy it so I thought heck if she is, I am. Cause I am all competitive like that... Steve and I finally turned it on one night and worked out with each other. Then finally on Sunday night(probably a week after I bought it) we fired it up and started the 30 day training. It has been great! It is getting us up off the couch and doing something in the evenings! If you have Wii then go out and get it! I'm down almost 9 pounds in 1 month because of the WW and hopefully will start dropping it faster with this little addition to our schedule!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm so friggin hungry!

Ok, that is my rant for the day. I'm hungry. Although I am in the middle of eating a sandwhich for lunch, I'm starved. I have been doing so good losing over 2 pounds a week. I get on the scales this week I gained!! I gained so much it is going to take me back 2 weeks! uggghhh I fudged a lot that week and I have been on medicine...thats it, lets blame it on the medicine and not the ice cream cone I had! At any rate, I am back on track now!!!

Ok, so what else is going on besides being hungry? Can you say VACATION??? No, I'm not on one now, but I have booked 2 this week. The most fun will be the 5 day carnival cruise with the girls!!! Ahhh no stress... just drinking and fun! I can not wait! The other one is Tylers graduation trip. Yes, it is a year away, but I am a planner and all.... We are going to Puerto Vallerta or how ever say and spell it! I'm going with my BFF Shelly and her family and my other BF Cheryl and her husband. Hopefully it will be a blast! Hopefully my sis and her family will join us too!

Job situation is holding up for now. Thankfully!

what else??? oh, I have a pain in my shoulder/back that is irritating the crap out of me! That is what the meds are for... it had better go away quick. I'm getting gripy...ok, ok, I've always been gripy, but I am more gripy with this pain! NO comments on that subject please :}

Yall have a safe and happy 4th of july. When I post next I will be a little bit older...and I'm sure something else will fall apart on me too!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Someone is actually listening to me???

Now, if you know me you know I give out useless, unsolicited advice daily...ok, hourly... but according to crazy texas mommy I am a smart woman... now I don't really know about that. But I do know when the cards are stacked against you and you feel like there is no hope instead of giving up you need to make a plan. It is much easier to just give up than to deal with things but you it won't get you anywhere.
With times like these we are struggling. If we have a job we are in fear of losing that job. There is never enough money to go around either... The best advice I have is make a plan. Write down your plan, then cross off things so that you know have accomplished something. Whether it be you finally painted a bedroom that needed painting, or you paid off a bill that wanted to pay off, or you just have things in general to deal with. You will feel much better about getting something small accomplished than looking at the big picture thinking you have been spinning your wheels for nothing.
Good luck Crazy TX Mommy in getting your credit cleaned up. I was there a long time ago with someones bad debts that I married into. It is a struggle but I know that you can do it. You want that house, the seller wants to sell it and hopefully will be patient while you get your letters together explaining everything. Hopefully the mortgage thing will still go through. Keep us posted (I know you will..) and keep your chin up girl. You have 2 beautiful children that can't afford for you to give up and fall apart! Like I said, we are moms and we can make anything happen if we just hang in there and don't give up.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ok, so I took some adorable babies pics yesterday and I want to share a few with you this week. This is a sweetheart name Kyra. I can't decide which one I like the best. You decide.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let the tailgate begin

Here are a couple of collages of pics...I have never tried this before so it will be interesting. here goes..I think you can click on collages and see the larger version. Here is a link to the album as well....

George Strait Tailgating

Happy Hump Day yall!!!!

From Collages

From Collages

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

George was wonderful!!!

We had a great time at the George concert! We were the first ones there to tailgate at 11 that morning and the last ones to leave at 1:30...It was a blast! They substitued Leanne Womack for Julianne Huff...or however you spell her name... Leanne was great! We got some upgrades from our crappy seats so it was all good! I wasn't very good at taking pictures. AT ALL! I did that morning when we were setting up the tailgate party, but after I started was all down hill... I am trying to get my hands on some pictures. I'll post them when I do.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I can't wait to see George...

I mean, look at this man... is he not a sight for sore eyes??? Not to mention when he sings a song it automatically becomes a hit. He is an oldie, but goodie!

We have a full day of concert going on tomorrow! I can't wait. Good friends, good food, GREAT music... we got it going on!

We have seats so far in the back I won't get to see his wranglers up close, but that is ok, I will be singing along to every word.

I will be a retired concert goer after this one but what a great way to go out! George, Reba, Blake Shelton, and someone else, can't remember, it will be a blast!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Have a great weekend

I'm off to start enjoying the weekend. Some of us girls are going to Canton which is a town where a huge, huge flea market is. Only Texas could have one this big! And of course I will be staining and doing finishing touches on the bathroom. I'm ready to get it done! Steve has been out this week working on electricity and the plumbers have come. So we are getting closer!

I am going to leave you with a picture of Tyler and his girlfriend Sarah. She is a sweety. I am so proud of him. I looked at his grades yesterday and he has for the first time ever more A's than anything else. He only has one B that is 1 point away from an A and 1 C that is two points away from a B. He is doing awesome. He also went and helped my dad do some stuff this week that I would have had to do and he didn't mind a bit. My dads first words to me were that Tyler is such a great kid. I almost teared up that I could produce something of such greatness! I LOVE HIM!!! I'm thinking he passed up bear this week on my love scale! Yall have a great one!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a great and productive 3 day weekend!

I'll start off with a rant first today...

Well, thats it, I've had it with all this weight watchers stuff and these people losing all this weight...while I, while I, won't wear a bathing suit this I got up early, went to the store and bought healty stuff to eat here all week! Yes, Tonya, so take that! You looked so dang great on Sunday that I can't let you get skinny alone!!! So here I am, eating healthy today and STARVING...I know, it will get easier, you can eat more if you eat healthy, it will be all worth it...I've heard it all! Still doesn't help me when I have an urge for Taco Bueno...but I am NOT driving through there...I'm not... lord please make the power steering go out in my car if I try to pull in there...desperate times call for desperate measures..

Next, for the happy productive stuff....

We worked all weekend with the exception of a couple, (ok, more like 6) hours this weekend, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel! Here is the bathroom and closet outside view. We have doors, and trim! That is very exciting!

Here is my light, I so wanted this light for inside the lodge, but not knowing if I am ever going to get my lodge, I went ahead and splurged and got it... it has moose and trees on it. Decorator lights...(even though it is for a freaking garage bathroom...) make me happy!

Here are the cabinets that we stained and installed, the sink and the light. I am working on a mirror and also a medicine cabinet next...give me a couple of days and I will have it stained and ready to go. The door is in, as well as the inside trim, the walls are painted, lights installed, it is almost ready for its first flush! Oh happy times!

This is bear and where he spent most of his day yesterday. I think he needed a break from Sugar and her abuse, so I took him to hang out with us all day. At first he was all happy and tail waggin cause he thought he was going to get crazy and get to run around like a wild bangee...we put an end to that though.. we fenced him in! Well, that lasted until Sugar came and visited and within like 60 seconds she had broken out of the pokey and was on the loose... Bear tried to follow suit but didn't make it under it before he was busted...

So, how was your weekend? I'm already ready for another 3 day! I think since the 4th of july is on a saturday, and my bday is on the 3rd...I'm going to beg my family into going camping!!! We need a break from all this work!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dying a slow death....

ok, I know some of you read about a month ago the pain that I endured when I was told (conned) by my sister about getting my eyebrows threaded... well, Ladies and Gents, I have made a follow up visit... I am convinced that the Indian ladies at Henna Salon are out to torture me... I'm sure they are not out to torture anyone else as it appears women have returned several times to have this done... I'm thinking now, twice is my LIMIT! There is only so much pain I can endure. I think I described the last visit as a round of ammunition being fired off into my eyebrows at a pace of a machine gun (if not, I should have) well, I think I got a mentally challanged Indian woman this maybe she flunked out of the threading class and they felt sorry for her and passed her anyway just to torture the white women that come in... she picked me out of the crowd and said next...I should have known... Oh wait, before I continue this story, I want to tell you that I called both my sister and Steve to get some moral support before I got there. Steve was in a meeting so I got none from him...Do you know what I got from my sister??? "Well, don't cry this time..." don't cry??? Lets put it this way, I walked out with not 1 but 2 kleenix this time... and they are just about soaked...
Anyway, on to the torture... this mentally slow woman threaded 1, yes, that is 1 hair a time... the other women they go at an incredibly fast pace (remember ping, ping, ping ping ping) this one, it was more like ping, reload the gun, ping, reload the gun, ping ping, wipe my tears, reload the gun, ping.... Her face is engrained into my time she calls me, I am going to say pass... I would rather get shot down by machine guns any day than the bbgun and reload that I had to endure today.... Don't laugh at me...go get yours done and let me know how the heck you feel!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Finally a new post

Sorry, lots going on! It seems like Monday morning roll around so fast around here! Then I sit here at my desk for the next 5 days waiting for the weekend to come again and then I blink and it is gone... The weeks are flying by while the kids are wrapping up school. It is hard to believe that they will all be graduating this time next year. It is down right scary how fast the years have flown! I hope that the next year slows down enough for us to enjoy the boys and spend some quality time with them before they head off to college. Ok, I had better get off that subject or I could be in tears soon.
So, here is what we have been up to. I guess I will start with yesterday and go backwards, because that is just how my mind is working lately... Warning this is going to be a loooooonnnnnnngggggggg post
Yesterday we got to work on the bathroom/closet finish out. We haven't had a lot of time to work on it but yesterday Steve and a couple of his friends really turned loose on it! The guys worked hard on the OSB board on the outside of the rooms. I know it isn't pretty, but hey, it is a garage. Knowing Steve, he is going to hang all sorts of crap on it, so you will never see the OSB board. Ok, don't focus on the huge hot water heather up there... It didn't look that big at the store, or on the ground. We will never run out of hot water in this bath. Denny has mention taking a Hollywood shower in it several times. Not sure what it means, and I don't want to ask what those Hollywood people do... not a visual I need... :)

The guys carefully cut around all of the rails so that nothing (hopefully) could crawl in behind there and do damage or heaven forbid die in between the walls! This is Denny. He has been our main helper. Denny can do almost anything. If he doesn't know how, he will research it and try it. (Especially if it someone elses house!) We are so lucky to have him and Lisa as Good friends. Oh by the way, they are adopting a little one and will welcome her home on Friday. Kyra is her name..

Next is Steve and Larry yes, they are working on the OSB board too. Evidently there were some hard cuts to do so it took a while. Oh, Larry signed up to be our electrician helper and water trencher...I don't remember him signing up to do this, but hey, you stop by and we will put you to work on anything we have!

This is Ed. Ed made the mistake of telling Steve he knew how to tape and bed. So Steve said hey, what are you doing this Sunday? Next thing you know Ed shows up with some tools and gets to work. He did an awesome job. I followed behind him with a sponge and smoothed out the rough spots.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Larry is one armed right now...and yes, Steve made him do the job of a guy with 2 arms... I bet he is a hurting unit today....hopefully not!

Here is the finsihed sheet rock on the right side of the bathroom. This is where the vanity and storage cabinet will go.

This is the left side of the bathroom. The shower. yes, it is a big shower... for some reason we needed a big shower... well, we got it.

I helped out too, but of course there are no pics of that... usually I go back through them and say look at that look on my face, or my butts too big in this pictures, or something and end up deleting them, so Steve doesn't bother...but I did actually help, I went to Home Depot, Lowes, cooked them hot dogs and delivered them down there, sponged the walls, and swept like 100 times, no seriously it might have only been 99 times... so there ya go!
ok, so enough about the bathroom until next week cause this time next week I am hoping that we have texture on the walls, paint (if I really, really get busy this week) cabinets in, toilet in, doors on, and if I totally work myself to the bone, staining all the trim it will be in too. Thank god we have a 3 day weekend! Cause I am really hoping to get this wrapped up soon!

Ok, now on to Friday. I took a vacation day on Friday and went with Tyler and his TV magnet class to University of North Texas. This is a University that Tyler has on his list of possiblities so I was thrilled when the teacher asked me if I wanted to be a female chaperone for the day! What a great group of kids!

We split the group and this group was mine. We took tours of the Television, Radio and Film areas. Our kids found out really quick that they are ahead of most of the beginners that start here. They are so lucky to have this program at their school!

Ok, so now onto Thursday. Remember, the backwards thing.. Tyler had a little program for TV where they showcased their video projects. We went last year for our first time and this year as well had some pretty interesting videos... Lets see, there were a couple about death, (strange, strange videos) and a couple of commercials, I think they have all of the camera and editing stuff down, just their content might need some work. Not sure who is supposed to help them with that, but it was obvious they need a little help...but I digress... Anyway, much to our surprise this year, they had awards at the end of the night. This is Tyler getting an awards for Top Producer for the Junior Class. He was thrilled.

Not only did he get one award, but it was followed up with another one, the above and beyond award. Basically, he is always helping and always there for the teachers. Mr T calls him big man on campus because he relies on him so much. He is his go to guy.

So, ladies and gents, those are some of the highlights of our week. Throw in there a band concert, attending the relay for life event that Tyler was walking in, staining doors, doing returns, one night of going to the land, laundry, Steve working a golf tournament, oh, and watching all of my favorite TV shows seasons finales (biggest loser, greys anatomy, desperate housewives, Lie to me, 90210) I am starting to wonder when in the heck I am sleeping.
This week lends itself to us being just as busy, tonight I have a class of 2010 meeting, the next two nights going out to the land trying my hand at texturing the walls, then another band concert, then back out to the land for the 3 day weekend...
Of course I will have pics come next Tuesday!

ps...sorry if there are spelling errors or any other errors on that I am finished it is lunch time and I am too lazy to go back and proof it! So heres to no proofreading, and spending my lunch hour sanding doors getting ready to put another coat on them tonight.....