Wednesday, January 30, 2008's a family affair

I told you earlier that we worked out at the land this weekend. It goes by so much faster when we have the boys and we can be slavedrivers and make them work too! But this weekend we were blessed with more people helping! We had the boys, my mom, my aunt, uncle and even Kerris boyfriend Mike. I don't remember how many trees we ended up cutting down, but I know that it was a bunch!
Here is an old friend of mine, Kitsie, Vicky my aunt, and Pat, my mom.... Now, it looks like we are doing nothing...but actually we were just on a break...well, with the exception of can tell she didn't come to work cause she has on white shoes!!! Needless to say they were not white when she left our place!
Ok, here is me in my snakeboots... now one would ask why on earth is she wearing her snake boots when they are not even out this time of year? Well, for several reasons...1) I do not trust that snakes are on a schedule...they could pop out at any point and I kind of like my fat stubby toes and hope to keep all of them... 2) it was muddy, I didn't want to get any other shoes dirty...
aaahhhh, the dreaded burn pile... that fire gets so big that we all hate to go over there and throw the stuff on. But someone has to do it... why not the boys that don't really need eyebrows???? I need what few I don't get waxed off.... here is Ty throwing a couple on.

And here are the rest of them. These trees don't quite load like cedar trees do.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend in Review

Pretty uneventful.... I had the neighborhood crop group over on Friday night. We had fun talking, not sure how much any of us really got done, but we shared lots of ideas. I also got some free Maya Road goodies. THANKS MICHELLE!!! I can't wait to alter them...Saturday afternoon we packed up and went to the land. Steve and the boys changed the air filters and oil and filters in all the four wheelers and then we went to town to eat. Sunday morning we got up to a thick fog. We took off walking in hopes that we would see some deer. Well, we didn't. The boys who didn't want to get out of bed to go quickly changed their tunes once they saw tracks and heard noises in the woods. Here are some of the pics we snapped early. The boys walked back before we did and cooked breakfast for us. They did this on Saturday morning too....(I could get used to that!!) Once the fog lifted and the sun broke through we had a great day! It was in the 60's and we got quite a bit of work done. I wish daylight would have held up for another 5 hours so we could have gotten more done in the perfect weather!

Here is a cardinal that we spotted.What a beauty on this dull morning.

Just because I love black and white I had to add edit this one and add it too....Thanks for looking!

Friday, January 25, 2008

I have a washer and i just gotta do laundry

Well, after a week of no washer and dryer the Hicks/Fuller laundrymat is open for business again....I just need an employee to do it for me! haha.... last week, or was it 2 weeks ago? Steve gutted the laundry room of the washer/dryer/fridge and I painted it. We put off the tile as long as we could (until he was down to just a couple of pairs of underwear) and then we had to get started with the hard part. Tile. We started on it Monday night, laid the tile that night, and then finished up with grout on Tuesday. Wednesday night it was baseboards and sealing the grout and last night he and Ty moved all the appliances back in. Come to find out, it really wasn't that hard at all! Now, my legs ached for a couple of days, but I survived. Next on the agenda? The master bathroom! I have wanted the carpet out of there since we moved in 4 years ago.... Finally 4 months before we put the house on the market....I GET TILE! Funny how that works :) Someone else always gets to enjoy it. Oh well. If you don't hear from me for a while it is because I am still doing laundry!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Old Friends

It is always great to reconnect with old friends. I was surprised by an old friend that saw my name and number come through on her office fax as I was placing an order with a coworker. After confirming I was the same person we began to chat. That friendship was back in my "other life" my pre-divorce days. A big group of us neighbors from a previous neighborhood and a couple of others we drug into our small (ok, it was kind of big on occasion...) would get together pretty much every weekend. I loved those days! I love to play hostess. I love to have large gatherings at my house. It was a blast MOST of the time. There was the exception to the fun when one of our husbands would drink too much and put us into a tailspin, and on occasion, one of us women might get a little sloshed and make the whole night worth it! You see, the men drank, and the women talked, compared decorating tips, griped about our husbands, oh and we occasionally watched the kids! I would not trade those days for anything! I did a lot of growing in that time (both mentally and physically!!) After the divorce the separating of friends happened. I was sad but it usually happens. I still talk to almost everyone still from that group on a regular basis. But this person. She surprised me with pictures of her kids and I hope that she will send me more in the future. It was really good to hear from her and I hope that through all of the years that have passed we will still remain friends though we don't see each other. Oh, I left out a part. She said that they are now the party house, with their pool and they host the bbqs with their neighbors like the ones we used to throw. That is great to hear! Not enough of that goes on....(with the exception of you hippie chick and hooker....I know I can come to yalls street and something is always happening.... love ya ;) )
Ps....I don't know why I felt the need to write this except that I gave her the website to the blog and hopefully she is reading it every once in a while and I hope that she knows I still love them!
I'm signing off and going to my real job....the house! Have a good evening!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend in Review

This weekend was pretty packed. Friday worked out at the gym. Yes, I thought he was killing us, but I survived! Then finished painting the laundry room. Saturday went to the movies and saw The bucket list. Get out the kleenix for this one! It was good, but sad! Then off to get a haircut and the scrapbook store where I picked up the Lux Trinket line that I was dying for! (see post below...) Then we spent the evening visiting with Doye and Vicky.

Sunday morning we went to church then I cropped for the rest of the day!!!! It was so nice to get back to doing that. I didn't get as much completed as I wanted to, but I will hopefully get to finish up later in the week. Hippie chick came over to join in the madness. She also brought me a little sumthin.... I don't know why on earth she would have thought this would be appropriate! Thank ya Cary, I mean Hippie Chick!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Red light tickets...don't try to fight em, just pay up

Well, I spent my lunch hour driving to Rowlett to try to fight a red light ticket. Now, one might ask how on earth can you fight it? Either it was red or it wasn't. Well, that is the same thing the guy (what I thought was going to be a judge but wasn't) said. It was red, even though it was faint and I can barely see it in the picture and you might not have been able to see it from your angle, it was red so pay up or make another court appearance to see an actual judge that you thought you were to going to see today.....blah, blah, blah, it was crap. Never run a red light. If you can't see because they have the light on some temporary wire and it blows in the wind making it difficult to decipher what color it is, just stop. Right there in the intersection, get rear ended, but don't run the red light......

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I need...ok, I just want....I GOT IT!!!!

Ok, those of you that know me and have looked at my scrapbook room, you know that I don't need these....

But I want them.....Cute, Cute Luxe line Trinket.

No one around here sells them unless I go to Waxahachie....uhhhh hello, Guess I will just have to pay for shipping since gas is $3 a gallon!!! With Valentines approaching soon and those cards that need to be made.... I need to snatch these up. You should too! See their blog for some awesome ideas on how to use the papers and the rub-ons! or

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Ok, now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over, it is down right boring around here. The first week in January I had a closing on a house and 300+ cards that were due to a print shop. Now that they are all done it is time to relax. But I can't! I always have to have something to stress over... so forgive me while I take time to stress out over the fact that I have nothing to stress out over..... I ordered 3 books off Amazon last night. 1 about photoshop CS2, one about digital photography and 1 for Ty to help with PSAT's.... I will be anxiously awaiting their arrival. (I did free shipping, so it could be forever + a day before I get them....) Well, back to work before I don't have my full time job and have a reason to stress out! I'll leave you with a pic from a morning in the park the other day. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Land pics

Here are some pics that I took out at the land. I'm trying to get them edited to do a little project for my uncle. We took tons, but not that many turned out. The weather was beautiful (almost 80) and instead of working we just grabbed the camera and jumped on the 4 wheeler to see what we could see. They turned out ok.... click on the pic to enlarge. Thanks for looking.

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Years Eve Pics

Ok, I know, I am a little late posting these. Here are some pics from our New Years Eve Bash at Main Event. We paid one price to get in, bowl, billiards, laser tag, video games, and even food! It was a great time to be had by all. The first is a pic of Steve and I. Look we were both half way smiling and no alcohol was involved!

Barbara and Jerry had a good time, although
a little lost without Amanda!

Lisa, her daughter Heather and I. Ringing in the new year!

The boys had so much fun. We barely saw them all night.

This is Lisa and I. This girl is my inspiration. She is so strong and such a great person. I love her to Death!

Denny & Lisa.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Working out ain't really working out....

Ok....So, recent incidents have led me to the gym. I thought to myself, how hard can this be? I used to walk the "big block" with hippie chick and Staci (she really needs a better nickname other than hooker so I can use it on this site...) anyways, so I joined the gym, the MEGA gym. Mostly at Tyler's begging did we end up there, otherwise, I would have gone to the small ladies gym down the road. Anyways, so I have been going in walking on the treadmill and doing the stomach machines. You know, leisurely.... so then, all of a sudden, lost my mind. I walked by the trainers desk and start talking to one of them and then I find out there is this thing called Team Fitness. It is a step above Team Weight loss and a step below Boot camp, cause lets face it, there ain't no way in heck I am ever going to boot camp unless they draft my fat butt into the army! But I digress... So I lost my mind, and started Team fitness last night. The program is great. It ended up being 3 people to 1 trainer. We were all women, and thankfully no one was skinny enough that I wanted to rip their head off off their skinny little body for being there. So we get started just us and Dominique. Dominique looks like a nice guy.... (I'm sure he is outside the gym) But Dominique isn't there just to draw a paycheck...he is there to make us lose some flab. So after the ab workout (I know, I know, it is hard to do an ab workout when you got none...I made it through somehow though) then there was the obliques, or however you spell it, I was already red faced. I thought to myself. I am still laying on the floor and feel like I am dying what could he possibly make us do next? Oh wait, I forgot to tell you the whole time that I was over there red faced, he looks over at me and says "breath, don't forget to breath"....the other girl is carrying on a full fledged conversation with him all about her alcoholic ex was everything I could do to nod my head!! Anyways, so then came the weights. We went over to some machines that were blocked off for our "little party" that we were having.... we did lunges (ok so I really never got that I was supposed to be alternating and twisting the alternate way and looked like a dork...but I tried) after that it was working on arms pretty much then it hits me....I am going to throw up. I am shaking, I am now getting tunnel vision and am definite at this point that I am about to go out cold. WTH???? I do more exercise on a daily basis than I am doing right now so why on earth am I about to be carried out on a stretcher? Who knows. I felt like crap, went in the bathroom drank, tried to puke and finally they came in after me. So I went back and started again. This time I was shaking so bad I couldn't stand. So I quit....5 mins, that was all I had left of the torture and I had to go and quit. So I was thinking, I'm fat, not obese, I'm healthy, why do I need to go through all this torture? Bottom line, I just do. I need to do it for myself and for others around me. I might be happy now, but I will be even more happy when I return to the gym and this time I make it all the way through. Then the next time I make it and add more weight, and the next time when at the end of the hour I say "Is that all ya got???? I need more." So I will keep ya updated on if I am going to stay fat and happy or lean and mean.... if you never hear from me again....just know that I died on the treadmill cause it is cardio on Friday... just FYI for those that don't see me on a daily or yearly basis neither of these pics are me....I am in between them! So lets hope that I start tipping the scales to the bottom picture rather than the top....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A New Year

One often thinks of a new year as a new start. When actually that isn't what it is at all, there are no new starts. Things can not and will not be forgotten from years past. Having said that....
I am NOT going to do new years resolutions.
I am going to set goals though... here are some:
* I'm going to make sure I do at least one "creative" thing each week. Hopefully more, but at least one time during the week I want to do something that I enjoy, whether it be making cards, scrapbooking, or just making something for the house. No matter who is upset that I am closed up in my scrapbook room ignoring them.
* I'm going to declutter my life more and make a conscious effort to buy less "stuff". I don't need all that I have and I sure do not need to buy MORE!
*Speaking of more stuff....I want to get out of debt. I want to sell a couple of more houses this year and pay off credit cards. (without charging them back up!!!) I can do this if the old explorer holds up!)
* I'm going to try harder to pick up after myself - I get on to Tyler all the time for the trails that he leaves behind when actually I leave them too. I let messes (of all sorts) get a bit too much before I clean them up and I need to stop that.
* I'm going to work on my physical and mental health, I'm going to do more for "me" and less for everyone else. If you are everyone else, I'm sorry.
* I'm going to practice forgiveness -