Friday, May 29, 2009

Have a great weekend

I'm off to start enjoying the weekend. Some of us girls are going to Canton which is a town where a huge, huge flea market is. Only Texas could have one this big! And of course I will be staining and doing finishing touches on the bathroom. I'm ready to get it done! Steve has been out this week working on electricity and the plumbers have come. So we are getting closer!

I am going to leave you with a picture of Tyler and his girlfriend Sarah. She is a sweety. I am so proud of him. I looked at his grades yesterday and he has for the first time ever more A's than anything else. He only has one B that is 1 point away from an A and 1 C that is two points away from a B. He is doing awesome. He also went and helped my dad do some stuff this week that I would have had to do and he didn't mind a bit. My dads first words to me were that Tyler is such a great kid. I almost teared up that I could produce something of such greatness! I LOVE HIM!!! I'm thinking he passed up bear this week on my love scale! Yall have a great one!

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demainca said...

You are lucky Mom! I know the feeling of being a mom of a teenage boy that makes you proud when there are so many that are horror stories!

Keep doing what you are doing, have a wonderful weekend! Bobbie