Monday, September 29, 2008

Pics of Tyler

Tyler and I went to a small town close to our land this week and took a couple of shots (ok, over 100. He was a great sport and actually liked some of them. I am doing a senior shoot out there in a couple of weeks and wondered what lighting was at 8 in the morning... you know he loves me alot for him to get up that early on a Saturday morning to run out there with me... Here are a couple of my favorites.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bad blogger, bad, bad blogger....

I can't believe that it has been so long since I blogged...SORRY... Lets see what is going on??? I have some pics I need to edit from last weekend that I haven't gotten a chance too so that is why there are no pics on here...I'm also taking some of Tyler this weekend so I will have lots next week to post! Lets see...what else...oh, I know why I haven't done anything this new shows are on!!!
Lipstick jungle: does anyone watch this show? I started watching it last year during the strike because there was nothing else on....But I actually like it... it is kind of a sex in the city but with older women (brooke shields) But the one plot that I didn't see coming was Nikko who had been cheating on her husband with a way younger guy because her stuffy husband who is a professor was too busy and boring for her...anyway, he had a heart attack and she felt guilty...really guilty so she ended up telling him...then he went in for a surgery and didn't make it out and died...but in the meantime she ran into one of his students who lets her know that he was leaving her for her and then steps out from behind the counter and she is knocked up...big time... so come to find out he had been cheating on her for 4 years...he was even paying for her braces, her college, apartment.... probably with Nikko's money since he didn't make that much.... MEN SUCK!!!

Greys Anatomy: ok, so the teaser all week has been Rose announced she was pregnant to I was all damn him and Meredith are never going to make it...come to find out she was just joking with him to scare the crap out of him for dumping her....PSYCHO!!! so that was all good... That was the highlight of the show to me...

ER--I haven't gotten to watch it yet...Don't ruin it for me please...

90210--I hate to admit this...but I am watching it. I loved the first one and I like this one, but if something has to go when there is no room on the DVR then this is the one along with Priveleged...

Anyway, so that is my life right now. Booster club stuff for Ty's TV magnet, and watching TV... taking a couple of pics along the way....I am proud to admit though that we did not go out one night for dinner this week! Wait, did we go out Monday? I dunno...I don't think so though...THAT IS A HUGE DEAL FOR US...

Monday, September 15, 2008


Ok, so I have no pics to share today. Just some random stuff that makes me happy and unhappy.
1. Tonya loved her wedding album I did for her. She cried and that made me happy.
2. We love the camper more every night that we stay in it. We had a little difficulty with the generator this weekend but with the great advice from Tonya and Beverly Steve charged the battery and we are good to go! I love it when he can fix something himself and not have to take it to a shop. We have so much to learn about this stuff. But it is fun doing it! Now to get the gas working is the project for him.
3. Tires...everyone has new tires now and we are all good to go on the road and safe. Including the camper. Being safe, that makes me happy.
4. Dancing....went dancing again this weekend for a party. Dancing means using up calories, using up calories...that makes me happy.
5. The weather....IS THIS NOT GREAT? I had a chill this morning when I went out to let Bear out. It felt great! I had better enjoy it since it will probably last only a week in the 80's and then it will drop into the 50's...that is how weather is here in the Lone star state...
6. Bear.....Bear is such a good dog. I love him....he makes me very happy. Steve gave him a bath last night and while out in the yard pulling weeds he came out with me. He was very good, never ran off, and 2 people stopped to pet him and said how adorable he was... I love him....

1. The damage from the Hurricane...all of the place. I feel so sorry for those families. I would be devastated and lost just as they are. I feel for them and I feel guilty that my life goes on here like nothing is happening here in the big Lone Star State.
2. The commuter crash in LA. Horrible. Just horrible. Why do these things happen?
3. Appts...I am in the process of setting up several appts for Tyler for dental and vision seems like it is always something... but at least he has his great health and for that I feel very blessed. I feel guilty even griping about that stuff...forget I said anything.
Looking at my list now, I guess I am in a fairly good mood as my happy's out weigh my unhappys BIG TIME! yall take it easy and hopefully I'll have some pics this week of something...I don't know what...but something!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mr. B

Here is a sneak peak of Mr. B that I took last night. He was a very active 3 year old as I chased him around the playground. I think that I actually liked about 5 out 150 pics that I took.... they get kind of blurry when they are running from you! Child photography, I'm thinking that is not going to be one of my strong areas!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lil Jack

I don't think I have posted pics yet of Lil Jack. He is 3 months old here (I think) He was not much of a sleeper! It was my first baby pics to do and I loved it. He was so sweet. I have another one in a couple of weeks, this time a girl....I'll get to put some fun props in there.... I think that you can click on the image and make it larger...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lots going on

I haven't had much time to blog...sorry about that. I know your lives didn't come to an end having nothing to I don't feel really guilty! With school starting so has Friday Night Football games. Living in a small town everyone is there. It is pretty much a social event...
One thing I look forward to...the carmel apples...only they changed this year and now I am over the apple crave... I'm sure Steve is glad to hear that!
After the game we went on up to the land and slept in camper. Here is a picture of it in its new home. We have gotten it all cleaned out, stocked, and ready to hit the road for some family memories. Whether the boys want to go or not, we are dragging them with us and we are going to have fun dangit!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

How much more tempted can I be?

Vikki brought these little babies in this morning....I have to walk through the breakroom to go to the is killing me to walk by and not grab one...normally I would have eaten 3 by now.... SOMEONE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD COME EAT THESE THINGS and throw away the box outside so I don't have to smell it!
Also, I survived Road House last night with a basket of rolls sitting in front of me and I didn't eat one bite... this is much, much harder than I thought. Can the others in this contest with me please, please break down and eat bread soon so I can win?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lordy, lordy I'm ready for some bread...

So, I drive up to Micky d's this morning and look at the menu, bread, bread, bread, nothing but bread...wait, one exception Yogurt parfait... Great I'll take 2 please... hey, they are small give me a break.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A day without bread is....well, is a day without bread

Why does everything I enjoy eating have bread in it or on it? So, we have this little contest going on who can go without bread the longest...and I really want to win it! I want the $$ and I want to lose a little weight in the process! So, day one is done. I didn't have one piece of bread, a roll, a flour tortilla, a cookie, cupcake, NOTHING! And let me tell you passing by the cookie place at the mall, I was wanting one! But I didn't.... so, one day down so far. Thank god we can still have pasta. Bread is a biggee for these ladies and I to give up, so giving up pasta too would totally put me over the edge and I would just give up eating totally. So, until I cave, I am bread free.... I'll let you know on my weeks progress.

Oh, I almost forgot, I got a paid gig doing baby pics in a couple of weeks... there is a little money for my photography fund habit! Maybe I will be able to buy a new lense in the near future!