Wednesday, July 15, 2009

hmmm read this

It pertains to my last post read the comments some are hilarous!!!

Then diggin deeper I found this one..

Reading the comments of both pretty much justifies (like I freaking needed that...) my blog entry this week!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Target vs Walmart...

To some of you this may be a no brainer.. for me it used to be quite gut wrenching knowing that Walmart is so much cheaper. In this day and age it is all about price..well almost. see why
Trip #1 Walmart
I drive through the parking lot dodging little kids left and right that do not have the sense to get the heck out of the way of a freaking car! hello... make it to the crosswalk where I have to wait for 30 people, walking slow as a grandma or chasing their kids around while leaving their cart right in front of me leaving me at a standstill. Finally, make it past that only to find a spot 30 cars down the row. I make it to the crosswalk on foot only to be almost run over by some trashy white teenager with their rap music blaring so loud that they can't hear me yelling at them. Finally the blast of cold air when I make it through the door. I am now greated by every nationality there is in the world except another white person... we have all the countries covered and I haven't even made it past the check out stands on the way in. Now to find the bread isle. They rearranged this walmart and all walmarts are laid out different, so where the heck is the bread. Finally found the bread. What? No Sara Lee 45 cal bread? The bread that is one freaking WW point for 2 pcs...screw it I won't buy any other bread... So I start making my way out the door only to stop by produce and see a little girl of I don't know what nationality with a plastic produce bag over her head just waiting to suffocate to death. Hello where is your ignorant mommy??? oh there she is hey stupid, don't you know that can kill a kid? WAKE UP! she just looked at me because of course she doesn't speak English. Then suddenly over the loud speaker there is an advertisement in Spanish....OMG get me out fast. So I run, get in my car and drive across the street to Target.
Trip #2 Target
I find a parking spot 2nd from the front. Walk in the front door, past the produce, the bread is the first isle. Walk to the end of the isle pick up my parmesean cheese and head to the checkout. I haven't encountered one foul smelling person yet, no one with 10 earrings, no kids running loose like wild bangees...I make it to the check out there is a caucasion person that checks me out. And bam I am out the door in 2 minutes and back in my car.

I'm a target fan...even if it cost me .30 extra cents!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wii active

In this movement to lose weight besides joining WW to control my eating I also went out and bought WII active. Sure I had Wii fit, and no, I never turned it on after the first week, but this one is different. First off, Shelly told me that she was going to go and buy it so I thought heck if she is, I am. Cause I am all competitive like that... Steve and I finally turned it on one night and worked out with each other. Then finally on Sunday night(probably a week after I bought it) we fired it up and started the 30 day training. It has been great! It is getting us up off the couch and doing something in the evenings! If you have Wii then go out and get it! I'm down almost 9 pounds in 1 month because of the WW and hopefully will start dropping it faster with this little addition to our schedule!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm so friggin hungry!

Ok, that is my rant for the day. I'm hungry. Although I am in the middle of eating a sandwhich for lunch, I'm starved. I have been doing so good losing over 2 pounds a week. I get on the scales this week I gained!! I gained so much it is going to take me back 2 weeks! uggghhh I fudged a lot that week and I have been on medicine...thats it, lets blame it on the medicine and not the ice cream cone I had! At any rate, I am back on track now!!!

Ok, so what else is going on besides being hungry? Can you say VACATION??? No, I'm not on one now, but I have booked 2 this week. The most fun will be the 5 day carnival cruise with the girls!!! Ahhh no stress... just drinking and fun! I can not wait! The other one is Tylers graduation trip. Yes, it is a year away, but I am a planner and all.... We are going to Puerto Vallerta or how ever say and spell it! I'm going with my BFF Shelly and her family and my other BF Cheryl and her husband. Hopefully it will be a blast! Hopefully my sis and her family will join us too!

Job situation is holding up for now. Thankfully!

what else??? oh, I have a pain in my shoulder/back that is irritating the crap out of me! That is what the meds are for... it had better go away quick. I'm getting gripy...ok, ok, I've always been gripy, but I am more gripy with this pain! NO comments on that subject please :}

Yall have a safe and happy 4th of july. When I post next I will be a little bit older...and I'm sure something else will fall apart on me too!