Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Someone is actually listening to me???

Now, if you know me you know I give out useless, unsolicited advice daily...ok, hourly... but according to crazy texas mommy I am a smart woman... now I don't really know about that. But I do know when the cards are stacked against you and you feel like there is no hope instead of giving up you need to make a plan. It is much easier to just give up than to deal with things but you it won't get you anywhere.
With times like these we are struggling. If we have a job we are in fear of losing that job. There is never enough money to go around either... The best advice I have is make a plan. Write down your plan, then cross off things so that you know have accomplished something. Whether it be you finally painted a bedroom that needed painting, or you paid off a bill that wanted to pay off, or you just have things in general to deal with. You will feel much better about getting something small accomplished than looking at the big picture thinking you have been spinning your wheels for nothing.
Good luck Crazy TX Mommy in getting your credit cleaned up. I was there a long time ago with someones bad debts that I married into. It is a struggle but I know that you can do it. You want that house, the seller wants to sell it and hopefully will be patient while you get your letters together explaining everything. Hopefully the mortgage thing will still go through. Keep us posted (I know you will..) and keep your chin up girl. You have 2 beautiful children that can't afford for you to give up and fall apart! Like I said, we are moms and we can make anything happen if we just hang in there and don't give up.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ok, so I took some adorable babies pics yesterday and I want to share a few with you this week. This is a sweetheart name Kyra. I can't decide which one I like the best. You decide.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let the tailgate begin

Here are a couple of collages of pics...I have never tried this before so it will be interesting. here goes..I think you can click on collages and see the larger version. Here is a link to the album as well....

George Strait Tailgating

Happy Hump Day yall!!!!

From Collages

From Collages

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

George was wonderful!!!

We had a great time at the George concert! We were the first ones there to tailgate at 11 that morning and the last ones to leave at 1:30...It was a blast! They substitued Leanne Womack for Julianne Huff...or however you spell her name... Leanne was great! We got some upgrades from our crappy seats so it was all good! I wasn't very good at taking pictures. AT ALL! I did that morning when we were setting up the tailgate party, but after I started was all down hill... I am trying to get my hands on some pictures. I'll post them when I do.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I can't wait to see George...

I mean, look at this man... is he not a sight for sore eyes??? Not to mention when he sings a song it automatically becomes a hit. He is an oldie, but goodie!

We have a full day of concert going on tomorrow! I can't wait. Good friends, good food, GREAT music... we got it going on!

We have seats so far in the back I won't get to see his wranglers up close, but that is ok, I will be singing along to every word.

I will be a retired concert goer after this one but what a great way to go out! George, Reba, Blake Shelton, and someone else, can't remember, it will be a blast!