Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let the tailgate begin

Here are a couple of collages of pics...I have never tried this before so it will be interesting. here goes..I think you can click on collages and see the larger version. Here is a link to the album as well....

George Strait Tailgating

Happy Hump Day yall!!!!

From Collages

From Collages


Jeanine said...

Wow! You Texas people really know how to have fun anywhere you go! They would never allow that in CA due to the insurance bull*. That is the way I like to have fun!!!! Great pics, now you just have to put who they are and what in the world did you do ALLL DAY!

demainca said...

I left a comment but it disappeared!That was so much fun I can tell from all the going ons! you got some great photos before the real party started. Nobody does concerts like Texan's! We know how to do it. But it must have took you days to recover from that long day. But boy it was fun!!