Monday, August 3, 2009


Yes, finally a new post, a new gripe...
So I went to buy a bathing suit the other day. Dillards was having this sale, awesome sale, which made bathing suits basically 70% off. So, stimulating the economy and fulfilling a need to wear a bathing suit that was not 5 years old on my next vacation off I go.... I walk right past the matter how much weight I lose, I don't think I will ever see a bikini again...I got too much baggage to hide!! So, on to the big girl, cover me up bathing suits! I find a couple of suits that I think might look ok and head to the ever dreaded dressing room. I try the suits on and MUCH to my surprise I actually like quite a few of them. So I figure hey, I never like bathing suit shopping so lets buy all of them!!! So $160 later, I leave with 5 suits. Not too bad I might add. Yesterday I am heading to the Mall to return some stuff to Macys and thought I might need to take them out of the bag and try them on one more time to make sure... then all of a sudden WTH? Why in my own mirror do these suits look awful? One that I thought was really cute with some flowers on it makes me gag. It was like the flowers had gone from boutinere size to a freaking table arrangement, a big one... that one had to go back for sure! I can see people on the beach now watch out here comes that lady with a huge flower on her huge stomach!!! So I am leaving you with a question to do some research, do they alter the mirrors they use in the dressing rooms? Is it the mirror? The lighting? or was I just freaking blind when I picked some of them out? I'm now down to 3 bathing suits... so no trips longer than 3 days or I will have to go back to the big bertha standby suit that is 5 years old!

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