Monday, May 18, 2009

Finally a new post

Sorry, lots going on! It seems like Monday morning roll around so fast around here! Then I sit here at my desk for the next 5 days waiting for the weekend to come again and then I blink and it is gone... The weeks are flying by while the kids are wrapping up school. It is hard to believe that they will all be graduating this time next year. It is down right scary how fast the years have flown! I hope that the next year slows down enough for us to enjoy the boys and spend some quality time with them before they head off to college. Ok, I had better get off that subject or I could be in tears soon.
So, here is what we have been up to. I guess I will start with yesterday and go backwards, because that is just how my mind is working lately... Warning this is going to be a loooooonnnnnnngggggggg post
Yesterday we got to work on the bathroom/closet finish out. We haven't had a lot of time to work on it but yesterday Steve and a couple of his friends really turned loose on it! The guys worked hard on the OSB board on the outside of the rooms. I know it isn't pretty, but hey, it is a garage. Knowing Steve, he is going to hang all sorts of crap on it, so you will never see the OSB board. Ok, don't focus on the huge hot water heather up there... It didn't look that big at the store, or on the ground. We will never run out of hot water in this bath. Denny has mention taking a Hollywood shower in it several times. Not sure what it means, and I don't want to ask what those Hollywood people do... not a visual I need... :)

The guys carefully cut around all of the rails so that nothing (hopefully) could crawl in behind there and do damage or heaven forbid die in between the walls! This is Denny. He has been our main helper. Denny can do almost anything. If he doesn't know how, he will research it and try it. (Especially if it someone elses house!) We are so lucky to have him and Lisa as Good friends. Oh by the way, they are adopting a little one and will welcome her home on Friday. Kyra is her name..

Next is Steve and Larry yes, they are working on the OSB board too. Evidently there were some hard cuts to do so it took a while. Oh, Larry signed up to be our electrician helper and water trencher...I don't remember him signing up to do this, but hey, you stop by and we will put you to work on anything we have!

This is Ed. Ed made the mistake of telling Steve he knew how to tape and bed. So Steve said hey, what are you doing this Sunday? Next thing you know Ed shows up with some tools and gets to work. He did an awesome job. I followed behind him with a sponge and smoothed out the rough spots.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Larry is one armed right now...and yes, Steve made him do the job of a guy with 2 arms... I bet he is a hurting unit today....hopefully not!

Here is the finsihed sheet rock on the right side of the bathroom. This is where the vanity and storage cabinet will go.

This is the left side of the bathroom. The shower. yes, it is a big shower... for some reason we needed a big shower... well, we got it.

I helped out too, but of course there are no pics of that... usually I go back through them and say look at that look on my face, or my butts too big in this pictures, or something and end up deleting them, so Steve doesn't bother...but I did actually help, I went to Home Depot, Lowes, cooked them hot dogs and delivered them down there, sponged the walls, and swept like 100 times, no seriously it might have only been 99 times... so there ya go!
ok, so enough about the bathroom until next week cause this time next week I am hoping that we have texture on the walls, paint (if I really, really get busy this week) cabinets in, toilet in, doors on, and if I totally work myself to the bone, staining all the trim it will be in too. Thank god we have a 3 day weekend! Cause I am really hoping to get this wrapped up soon!

Ok, now on to Friday. I took a vacation day on Friday and went with Tyler and his TV magnet class to University of North Texas. This is a University that Tyler has on his list of possiblities so I was thrilled when the teacher asked me if I wanted to be a female chaperone for the day! What a great group of kids!

We split the group and this group was mine. We took tours of the Television, Radio and Film areas. Our kids found out really quick that they are ahead of most of the beginners that start here. They are so lucky to have this program at their school!

Ok, so now onto Thursday. Remember, the backwards thing.. Tyler had a little program for TV where they showcased their video projects. We went last year for our first time and this year as well had some pretty interesting videos... Lets see, there were a couple about death, (strange, strange videos) and a couple of commercials, I think they have all of the camera and editing stuff down, just their content might need some work. Not sure who is supposed to help them with that, but it was obvious they need a little help...but I digress... Anyway, much to our surprise this year, they had awards at the end of the night. This is Tyler getting an awards for Top Producer for the Junior Class. He was thrilled.

Not only did he get one award, but it was followed up with another one, the above and beyond award. Basically, he is always helping and always there for the teachers. Mr T calls him big man on campus because he relies on him so much. He is his go to guy.

So, ladies and gents, those are some of the highlights of our week. Throw in there a band concert, attending the relay for life event that Tyler was walking in, staining doors, doing returns, one night of going to the land, laundry, Steve working a golf tournament, oh, and watching all of my favorite TV shows seasons finales (biggest loser, greys anatomy, desperate housewives, Lie to me, 90210) I am starting to wonder when in the heck I am sleeping.
This week lends itself to us being just as busy, tonight I have a class of 2010 meeting, the next two nights going out to the land trying my hand at texturing the walls, then another band concert, then back out to the land for the 3 day weekend...
Of course I will have pics come next Tuesday!

ps...sorry if there are spelling errors or any other errors on that I am finished it is lunch time and I am too lazy to go back and proof it! So heres to no proofreading, and spending my lunch hour sanding doors getting ready to put another coat on them tonight.....

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Jeanine said...

My Goodness you have been BUSY!!!! I miss you, but I fully understand. Great Post! The garage looks great! I have only four weeks today until the boys graduate, but fortunately I am not doing anything and certainly not a celebration so all the upgrades I planned on doing, I will start after they leave in July. So enjoy your time with the boys now I will be over in a blink.