Wednesday, January 30, 2008's a family affair

I told you earlier that we worked out at the land this weekend. It goes by so much faster when we have the boys and we can be slavedrivers and make them work too! But this weekend we were blessed with more people helping! We had the boys, my mom, my aunt, uncle and even Kerris boyfriend Mike. I don't remember how many trees we ended up cutting down, but I know that it was a bunch!
Here is an old friend of mine, Kitsie, Vicky my aunt, and Pat, my mom.... Now, it looks like we are doing nothing...but actually we were just on a break...well, with the exception of can tell she didn't come to work cause she has on white shoes!!! Needless to say they were not white when she left our place!
Ok, here is me in my snakeboots... now one would ask why on earth is she wearing her snake boots when they are not even out this time of year? Well, for several reasons...1) I do not trust that snakes are on a schedule...they could pop out at any point and I kind of like my fat stubby toes and hope to keep all of them... 2) it was muddy, I didn't want to get any other shoes dirty...
aaahhhh, the dreaded burn pile... that fire gets so big that we all hate to go over there and throw the stuff on. But someone has to do it... why not the boys that don't really need eyebrows???? I need what few I don't get waxed off.... here is Ty throwing a couple on.

And here are the rest of them. These trees don't quite load like cedar trees do.


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Cary said...

Are they really "snake boots" or do you just call them that because they are tall? Cuz I've never seen "snake boots" in the store.