Thursday, January 24, 2008

Old Friends

It is always great to reconnect with old friends. I was surprised by an old friend that saw my name and number come through on her office fax as I was placing an order with a coworker. After confirming I was the same person we began to chat. That friendship was back in my "other life" my pre-divorce days. A big group of us neighbors from a previous neighborhood and a couple of others we drug into our small (ok, it was kind of big on occasion...) would get together pretty much every weekend. I loved those days! I love to play hostess. I love to have large gatherings at my house. It was a blast MOST of the time. There was the exception to the fun when one of our husbands would drink too much and put us into a tailspin, and on occasion, one of us women might get a little sloshed and make the whole night worth it! You see, the men drank, and the women talked, compared decorating tips, griped about our husbands, oh and we occasionally watched the kids! I would not trade those days for anything! I did a lot of growing in that time (both mentally and physically!!) After the divorce the separating of friends happened. I was sad but it usually happens. I still talk to almost everyone still from that group on a regular basis. But this person. She surprised me with pictures of her kids and I hope that she will send me more in the future. It was really good to hear from her and I hope that through all of the years that have passed we will still remain friends though we don't see each other. Oh, I left out a part. She said that they are now the party house, with their pool and they host the bbqs with their neighbors like the ones we used to throw. That is great to hear! Not enough of that goes on....(with the exception of you hippie chick and hooker....I know I can come to yalls street and something is always happening.... love ya ;) )
Ps....I don't know why I felt the need to write this except that I gave her the website to the blog and hopefully she is reading it every once in a while and I hope that she knows I still love them!
I'm signing off and going to my real job....the house! Have a good evening!

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Cary said...

Heck I just wish I would have known ya and been your neighbor back then TOO!!!