Monday, January 28, 2008

Weekend in Review

Pretty uneventful.... I had the neighborhood crop group over on Friday night. We had fun talking, not sure how much any of us really got done, but we shared lots of ideas. I also got some free Maya Road goodies. THANKS MICHELLE!!! I can't wait to alter them...Saturday afternoon we packed up and went to the land. Steve and the boys changed the air filters and oil and filters in all the four wheelers and then we went to town to eat. Sunday morning we got up to a thick fog. We took off walking in hopes that we would see some deer. Well, we didn't. The boys who didn't want to get out of bed to go quickly changed their tunes once they saw tracks and heard noises in the woods. Here are some of the pics we snapped early. The boys walked back before we did and cooked breakfast for us. They did this on Saturday morning too....(I could get used to that!!) Once the fog lifted and the sun broke through we had a great day! It was in the 60's and we got quite a bit of work done. I wish daylight would have held up for another 5 hours so we could have gotten more done in the perfect weather!

Here is a cardinal that we spotted.What a beauty on this dull morning.

Just because I love black and white I had to add edit this one and add it too....Thanks for looking!


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Cary said...

Beautiful. I love the 2nd picture!

Happyhome said...

Beautiful photos. Love the b&w one. That's the problem with trees means no least on this side of the tracks.

See you next week!