Monday, January 21, 2008

Weekend in Review

This weekend was pretty packed. Friday worked out at the gym. Yes, I thought he was killing us, but I survived! Then finished painting the laundry room. Saturday went to the movies and saw The bucket list. Get out the kleenix for this one! It was good, but sad! Then off to get a haircut and the scrapbook store where I picked up the Lux Trinket line that I was dying for! (see post below...) Then we spent the evening visiting with Doye and Vicky.

Sunday morning we went to church then I cropped for the rest of the day!!!! It was so nice to get back to doing that. I didn't get as much completed as I wanted to, but I will hopefully get to finish up later in the week. Hippie chick came over to join in the madness. She also brought me a little sumthin.... I don't know why on earth she would have thought this would be appropriate! Thank ya Cary, I mean Hippie Chick!


Cary said...

Madness?? What? You call 8 hours trying to figure out....well you know...that thing we were trying to figure out about those people and be both nice and truthful at the same time? Yeah - it was madness...mixed with tons of laughter and a kid who was pretty darn good during the madness. Oh and thanks to you for sharing your lovely new scrapping finds as well as your dinner!

Praise and Coffee said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!
I used to crop all day, but now the 3 year old put some crimp in my crop!