Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ty texted me this week and reminded me that he had been in Boy Scouts for 5 years from that day...(why he remembers such information but can't remember that he has a test he needs to study for is beyond me....) Anyway, so I thouht I would post a picture from his early days, and a current one... My how he has grown! I have been going through old pictures to get ready for his Eagle Ceremony and the memories are flooding in! So I think I will share! The first pic is from a fish hatchery that he went to. This is probably 2nd or 3rd grade. Next is his first summer camp that he attended. Next is at Philmont when they went pole climbing...not to be confused with pole dancing...Next is a rocketry campout and last is his Eagle Board of Review a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for looking!

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Anonymous said...

Hey at least he remembered that...I can't say that Nick would/could remember that. But let me owe him $5 and he not only remembers but reminds me hourly!