Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Finally a new post

First off, I don't wish that crap that I had on anyone!!! But I am on the downhill slide of it and feeling much better!

How about that snow? It was really coming down last night. I was too lazy to go get my camera so I don't have any pics. But it looked so pretty this morning. Of course it is melting fast!

I do not have ANYTHING going on right now....scrapbooking is about it. I'm trying to get all of Tylers scout stuff done for his Eagle Ceremony and besides that...NOTHING...

Hopefully I will get enough energy to start the tiling of the bathroom this weekend. That will be a big accomplishment. I'll post pics. Until then, have a great week!

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Cary said...

YEAH...SHE LIVES...SHE BLOGS!! The snow was beautiful and I hoped to have a "snow day" but obviously didn't get it. Maybe we'll have a white Easter!!

Don't laugh...it snowed last Easter and that was in April!!