Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back in the Saddle again...

Well, relatively speaking... Vacation is over..BUMMER and I am back to work and back to blogging....I have so many pictures and so little space so I will put in the best of the best for a week...since I have NOTHING else to write about besides whining about having too much to do and no time to do it. So for everyones sake (all of 2 of you that read this blog!) then I will just keep my whining to myself, and whoever else calls me!
So, we just got back from Arkansas. Our annual spring break trip of taking the boys with other families to ride 4 wheelers for a couple of days. Well, if you remember correctly, last Tuesday it flooded here in the Dallas area, well, Arkansas was no exception. As a matter of fact, Eastern Arkansas is declared a disaster right now! Luckily for us we were Southwestern Arkansas and it wasn't that bad...(but bad enough for me to whine about it for the next couple of minutes though...) So, between traveling and watching it rain we lost Tuesdays day of riding. We went out to eat that night and got stuck on the other side of the swollen river and couldn't make it back to our cabin until after 2 the next afternoon. Everyone kept saying that is what memories are made of...all I could think of is if I would have not gone out to eat that night I could be over there scrapbooking my memories in total peace. But instead all my scrapbooking stuff was sitting over there by its lonesome... So another day of riding wasted as we watched the river go down :)
But we made up for it the next day! We rode all day on Thursday and most of the day on Friday. We had intended to get up and leave early but heck, we hadn't made it to the blue hole yet! So here are pics of things like the swollen river, the 2 footed oak, some water falls, a bear cave (an old mine) and finally the blue hole. It was a spectacular trip and we are going again next year. I'm booking early to get where I want this fighting the river!!! Oh, I guess I should explain the bandanas. No, we are not trying to be all gansta or anything, even with the rain the roads and trails were dusty. So to prevent breathing in all of that dust, some of us (who had been before and learned from our mistakes!) wore our bandanas.

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Happyhome said...

What a fun time and great memories! Mike was just saying recently he would like to camp in AR...heard it was pretty. I'll have to show him your pics.