Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I know, you are tired of seeing pics of the land...but we are so excited! The garage is starting to take shape. Finally! We went up for a little while last night, had a delicious dinner that my mom and aunt fixed, took pics, and came back. Steve is going for the next couple of days. It's hard to keep him away from there..... I'm guessing most of the summer we will drive back and forth instead of staying in town. are some pics.

Heres the garage shell. Hopefully they will be done with the steel tomorrow then start with the sides. Everything isn't delivered yet...but I am hoping in about a week we have a building!

This is a pic of the house pad and the garage.

Our is finally full. I can't wait to just pull up a chair or blanket and sit out by it. It looked so peaceful last night.

Another pond pic. You can see our house pad and camper if you look hard in the upper right of the pic....up until I looked at this picture this morning I had never thought about how close it was to the house...then it hit me...Snakes...I'm going to have to learn to shoot a gun...killing those things with a shovel IS NOT AN OPTION for me! Happy Hump day yall!!

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Jeanine said...

Hey girl! Love the pics! I LOVE your pond! Do you have snakes in your pond? I have a VERY funny story about rattlers here at my house, we kill about three a year here. Shooting a 22 in the rocks, not a smart idea, then the shovel came out. Details if you want.... How about bugs?