Wednesday, April 22, 2009


ok, I know you 3 loyal readers are waiting on pics from drivers edge this weekend. The truth is I can't post them... I had all intentions of posting them after lunch...but that was when I was feeling fine...I'm not fine now! I listened to my sister, who might I add has a pain tolerance of like 1000, about getting my eyebrows threaded instead of waxed... She said that she liked it better, so I thought, hey, I'm a little bushy around the eyebrows so I'll try it.. so today was the day. First off, I pull my number and sit down to wait and I take a gander at the TV. It has a movie on that I can't understand, AT ALL! I think it was Indian, and not the american Tonto kind. Soon enough my number was called though and I was up and at em'..
First she puts a little powder on them, harmless enough, smells good, I'm happy.. then she pulls out this long piece of thread comes near my eyes with it has me holding my eyelid shut (so I can't see what the hell she is about to do me) and above my eyebrow open... I know you can't get the visual but I figured out what she really had me doing and I'll clue you in later.
Ok, so here I am holding my eye shut and all of a sudden it hits me. Not one fast pull like with waxing, it like a machine gun is going off on my eyebrows... ping, ping, ping, heck I can't even describe it. She does it so dang fast I can't think, after the first one I think Je, then the next Jesus, then the next one Jesus Christ, it is so fast and so painful that is all I can think... then finally she is done and I think JC, (Short for Jesus Christ because I had to think fast before next one) what the heck is going on? Barb said this didn't hurt, surely she wouldn't lead me astray... than all of a sudden she has me holding my eyes and starting on the next one....I thought I was going to come straight out of the chair! I was in some serious pain! It is a good thing they are fast and I am holding my eye shut (mostly in fear she might mistake my eyelashes and start on them next) or I would have jumped right out of the chair.
Then comes the killer she starts on my upper lip...I had told her before hand oh sure, go ahead, its a little hairy... well, it wasn't hairy enough to endure that dang pain I went through to get it off time, I'm not listening to Barb when she says oh sure, go ahead it doesn't hurt...this afterall is coming from the girl who broke her ankle at the skating rink and never shed a tear...I'm not talking just a little crack, I'm talking right in half, screws, plate and all..with not a tear... don't tell her, but as I walking out of the salon I was wiping a few off my cheeks!


Jeanine said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha (That is me totally belly laughing!) OH SH** That hurts!!! Man just reading your story made my eyes water!!!! I had that done years ago (25) and NEVER AGAIN!!! IT HURTS!!!!! I know of women that do it to their legs! Are they crazy? Thanks for the laugh and I feel for ya sista, whoa, and what kind of a friend who recommend having that done? Put ice on it, and then in your drink, you'll feel much better! Poor Baby!

Bobbie said...

ouch,ouch,ouch!!! HA HA HA I have to agree with Jeanine on that one. I have tears running down my cheeks on this one, I think after the first je I would have been out of that chair, hand over my eye and running! Pain ain't no friend of mine!Especially if someone is inflecting it on me!
What we women do to look beautiful! waxing is enough!I do it only on the face! Hope plenty of ice worked on you and the drink. Thanks for the laugh. Use thread for sewing not hair!!!