Thursday, December 13, 2007

more of the year in review...

here is july 4th and our firework celebration out at the Lux land. A good time was had by all.

Ahh, this was late July for Ty's birthday. He had a couple of friends come down to the land to ride 4 wheelers. Now, they pulled out of the barn on 5 four wheelers and the last thing that mom said was "DO NOT GO GETTING STUCK IN THE MUD" (as they had done the weekend before...) As you can see, not only did all of them get stuck, but so did the helpers that came looking for them.... it was a day for these boys (old and young) to remember for sure!

This is August, our yearly tradition of spending the weekend at the lake the weekend before school starts, our last little bit of freedom until our lives are taken over by deadlines, football games, band practices and the dreaded homework!!!

here is Ty walking into big LC for the first day of his Sophmore year. GO PATS!!!

Balloon festival in I am going to guess September. It isn't Albequerque or however you spell it... but it was ok for around here!

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ivygirl said...

Hey I want those pics from 4th of July and end of summer trip.