Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's over already???

How is it that we prepare for months on end and it is all over in a few minutes? I hope that your holidays were as great as ours were. We opened presents with the boys early because of Steve having to go to home to Indiana. (His dads surgery went great by the way!!) So here a few pics of the boys opening presents. They got some matching gifts such as a tool box filled with things they could need in case of emergencies, such as fix a flat, road flares, jumper cables, etc and a bucket filled with all sorts of stuff to wash and wax their cars with. They also got wireless keyboards and mouse. Clint and Steve both got a gps. They immediately opened them up and began playing with them. I got the making memories embellishment center. I was ever so happy about it! I took one evening to clean out my scrap space and it looks great! Now I just need to get in there and do something creative!!! I am now ready to put up all the Christmas stuff. I know they say it is bad luck to do it before New Years but hey, last year on Christmas Day we were putting it all up and we had a pretty great I will be pressing my luck again and start putting it all up today. Oh, I was able to hit one store for after Christmas sales this morning before work. Kohls. Went there for Vicky some ribbon, came out with $70 worth of snowman plates and accessories....I swear I am a shopaholic. I need treatment....

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Cary said...

Sounds like a great Christmas. I need to get out of the dang house and check out the after Christmas sales....maybe I'll do that now! GOT NOTHING ELSE TO DO...HA HA HA!!!

P.S. I just remembered...I should be cleaning...wait....nahhh...i got all weekend.