Thursday, March 12, 2009

We have vacation on our minds!

We have been busy getting the camper ready, the four wheelers ready, the food bought, and the clothes packed... now we just have to wait! Until next Thursday. We have a short trip of 4 days planned. The boys are headed out to the separate spring breaks today and Saturday. Clint is skiing and Tyler is going to LA.. while we stay home and patiently wait for them to return so we can go! Here is the post from our trip last year... same people, same place, we are just all taking campers this year! I think it will be even more fun! I can't wait to ditch this place for a couple of days!


Jeanine said...

I want to go!!!!! You were sooo close about L.A!

Where are your pics, where are you going?

bobbie said...

Hey Lesa,where are you going in LA?? You have Jeanine in a tizzy don't cha? I can see her spinning the little taz! haha