Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finally it is Wednesday!

Not only is it hump day, it is the last day of the week for me, the day that Tyler comes home, the day before we pull out to go to 4 wheeling, the day when we get to see both of our boys, the day...well, it is just a great day! Two families have already gotten to Arkansas. They got there last night late. We will be leaving out at 5 in the morning. Our hope is to get there by 10 just after breakfast! Shelley sent me a picture of our campsite. It looks it is just waiting on us to pull in and build a fire in the fire ring! That is their camper beside us. Oh, it is going to be a great time! The boys can hang out and just be boys and we can sit in a chair and relax...who am I kidding, we will be on ATV's from sun up to sundown!


Bobbie said...

Its not going to be lonely long. There is going to be so much activity going on. Tired bunch of people every night and rested people every morning rearing to go!
No Ladies sitting around with their feet up adding logs to the fire keeping cowboy coffee hot for ya'll!!

Lesa said...

Girl, I can not leave a message on your site for some reason... I try, every post I try.... I don't know what the heck is wrong!

Bobbie said...

I don't know what's wrong either I guess a critter is in there messing with us! Maybe its something I have done and don't know I did I will check it out after I get done straightening up around here. Jeanine and out other sister, Stephanie, are coming here to spend the night before we leave for Vegas Friday morning so Jeanine can get her dog, Woody, and Steph sees the dentist I'm just going along for the ride! Of course I going to see our Dad and I will stay there. Our other sis has run out of room!!!

Jeanine said...

Hey Lady Bug, we have ATV's too! You're going to Kansas? How long are you staying, I can't have one of my new best friends gone for that long! Do you have verizon so you can plug your laptop on the generator and email me? I am so neeeedy!!!!! Just kidding, we'll sit here and wait for ya, have a great time! I want to sit there by the fire! OBYW, I will always invite you to do things with us, who knows maybe something will work out sometime! You're one of us now!!!! I have "knighted" you one of my sisters, so has Bobbie!

I am leaving tomorrow after my photo lessons to go to Bobbie's, Steph my sister from San Diego, is driving up, we are spending the night, then the next day we are going to meet Andy in Barstow, and then off to Vegas, I asked Andy to drive the BMW with the top down so Steph can have a treat, I'll follow in my truck! I GET MY DOG IN FOUR DAYS!!!! Be safe, sista, write when you get back!