Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm a few weeks behind...

Ok, so I haven't blogged lately...it's not like many people are looking on here anyway...they have given up hope on me...so I am no pioneer woman! I'll get over it. Anyways, lets see, what has happened in the last few weeks? Lets see Ty had Legacy awards. He didn't want to go, threw a fit, I made him because I thought the teachers nominated him for an award...come to find out it wasn't that...he was nominated for Class Favorite. The students voted on it and he was VERY excited... he didn't win but he didn't care. He was just thrilled to be nominated. Here are a couple of pics from that night.

Then last weekend he competed in a Destination Imagination contest with a couple of kids at school. They will be going to the state competition in Houston on April 4th. Here is a pic of his team

So, that is enough about Tyler. I haven't really been doing much. Selling furniture on craigslist, moving my aunts furniture over. It is nice! Trying to save money to pay off debt. In this economy who knows if they will have a job or not so the less debt the better! The garage will be built either this week or next. I will be uber excited when it is finished! We have been shopping around for all the stuff to build the bathroom inside the garage. Trying to stay as cheap as we can... Hopefully it will all turn out well! I know that we are excited to see some progress down there. I'll of course post pics when it is completed!


Jeanine said...

HEY! I am a fan of yours! I havn't looked at your site for about a week, due to being SUPER or as you say uber (he-he) busy. But what the hey, we all can't be the pioneer woman, huh?

I like the pics of your son, tell him congrats on him being nominated, that will be something he remembers for all times.

Put pics of the garage, love to see progress!

Jeanine said...

I't me again, thanks for then note, I went through your blog to find your baby Bear. He is cute! What kind of baby is he? All my sisters have small dogs one has a yorkie terrier and another has two bijohns(I don't know if I spelled it right) the third has pits three to be exact. Another has min pins (I have 6 sisters) I like little dogs but my husband hates them calls them yap yap dogs.

This boy will be big around 80 pounds of pure love.

I saw in your past blogs Mud Boggin! (Hope I said it right)! When I lived in Texas A LONG TIME AGO, we used to go every weekend, what a blast! Drinking beer and gettin dirty, how much fun! Oh to be 16 again!

Jeanine said...

Ok it's me again, I truly understand about Bear being your lifeline, I have actually downgraded to want to bring my guinea pigs places! What is up with me!! It will be good to have a dog.

Girl, you and I DO have a lot in common, almost like kindered spirits.

My sister Bobbie (the pit bull momma) lived in Houston. When I graduated in 80 I moved there for a few months. She lived there forever, truly a yellow rose of Texas, she is. She now lives here in Ca. but her daughter, grandkids another sister and now my 86 year old mother lives in Houston.

I went to Fort Worth for a Hot Sauce convention in Sept. 07 had a blast! Took my husband to his first rodeo. I was a Big (not literally) cowgirl before I met my husband, a whole nuther life ago.

Boys, we gave one of my son's a '01 Jeep Cherokee and within 5 months he totalled it! Stupid, he thought he could take it out in the mountains and 4 wheel it. Within the 6 months he was in four accidents mostly due to trees and creeks! So, I feel your pain, buy a junker to have fun, not your main transportation (but no one could have told the guys that were Mud boggin that either I guess!

My sister is looking at your site as well, I have her site saved on my blog it's called Bobbies House. She is new to this, after a lot of talkin she is finally getting it going!

If you want to email me sometime my address is: vegasfroggie@hotmail.com.

Glad we're friends!

Jeanine said...

Lesa Hurry!!! The Pioneer Woman has a contest going on and you should enter!!!!!! You only have a few hours, let me know if you do.

demainca said...

I am enjoying your site too,just wanted you to know! Keep up the good work!

Jeanine said...

Hey Lesa, I promise I am not a stalker!!! Thanks for the heads up on the camera contest! I didn't see it and when I read your comment on mine, I was like WHAT? I signed up for it too over 13,000 (are you kidding me) so far. Would love to have that camera, I LOVE my Nikon D40, can't imagine the D90, it's making my mouth water!

Hey I saw my sister (that is my yellow rose) put a note to you, didn't I tell you she is sweet?

Good luck on winning. I HOPE YOU DO!!!!!