Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mud Bogs

ok, we did something a little different this Saturday...some might call it redneck... but I would never do a redneck thing...(like holding pigs last weekend...)anywho. I remember going to mudbogs way back. I had a boyfriend (later ex-husband) that was really into 4 wheel drives. We went mudding all the time. There is no telling how many crop fields were torn up by those guys on a given weekend. (but that is just country life) But that was just small potatoes compared to when we would go to the mudbogs... there, you would see the tallest, baddest, trucks you had ever seen... Kinda like bigfoot, but a lil bit smaller! Anyway, that is what we did once or twice a month, go to the mudbogs. Well, I handed that tradition down this weekend. While I think my child had a good time while he was there (he had to leave early), I think it was his friend Shane that had the best time. From the time we pulled into the gates and he saw them pulling those bad boys in on the trailers he looked on with so much excitement. There is no doubt that he will be back and he will enter into one of the bogs. So, even if I didn't so much strike a chord with my own son, I did with the Drurys. Our two families had a great time just spending a little bit of Saturday with our sons. God will we ever miss them when they go to college! Which, by the way, was when Shelley and I informed the boys we would get to build us one of those and race every weekend...when they are gone to college!

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