Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more on the farm....

I know, how can I take a weekend and drag it into a week. Well, because I have nothing else to talk about! Dance lessons, football games, and booster club stuff, that is all we are up to. When I was 21, I never thought that would be my life...but I digress.... Here is the LAST picture from the weekend.
I'm going to paint the scene here... It was late Sunday and I threw out the idea for us to go on a 4 wheeler ride because we hadn't ridden around in a while out to the back of the land. So we were off. 4 jumped in the golf cart, steve and I led on one 4 wheeler and my sister and Jerry on the back one. When we started to get on the first trail Steve told my uncle something about a snake and Doye said you have the gun, you go first... I'm all like haha... We start toward the back and right off the bat we see a coyote. It just stood there and stared at us for a few seconds (but not long enough for me to get out my camera!) then it took off. So we kept going. Then next thing I know Steve says snake and kills the four wheeler. Guess where he killed it? 2 feet from the freaking snake.... at first I didn't see it, I was all like where??? Then he grabbed the gun, and when he did I was standing up on the back of the 4 wheeler...I was considering climbing up the tree but I was scared there was a snake in there, then looked back at the golf cart, and it was about 2 feet too far for me to jump on the top of there I was jumping around on the back of the 4 wheeler, then they say hey, camera woman take a this is what the heck I came up with...can you tell I am shaking slightly??? It is hard to take a picture when you are screaming...then, as they are picking that one up, another one slithers by them...they are like holy crap... and shoot it. It was a moccasin (however you spell it...) it was right beside this point, I am saying lets get the heck out of this snake infested place... Man, I do not know if I am going to make it living in the country!

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Hippie Hick Chick said...

You know what they say about killing snakes? If you kill it - two more come back in it's place! LOL Love the new banner!