Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend wrap up

Well the weekend came and went already. Dang, why does it go by so darn fast? Friday night we celebrated a friends 50th birthday...It was a lot of fun. (I'm glad I am not that old though!) Then Saturday was the garage sale for Ty's TV magnet booster club. It went great. Great parents and kids showed up to help and the weather was great. A little hot, but it could have been lots worse! Saturday night we saw a play that Skylar was in... Wagon wheels west, it was great! I really, really enjoyed it! Then on Sunday we made our way down to the land to check out the completed efforts from last week. So here are pics of the completed pond, the house pad and the garage pad. So now once it sits for about 6 months we can get going! Boy am I ready! Yall have a great week and I'll pop back in later...

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