Monday, August 25, 2008

Vacation Pictures and first day of school

Ok, first off, you haven't read anything from me today because I am sad....sad that Tyler started school today and he DROVE HIMSELF.... I was sad that I didn't get to shoot pics of him walking in the door with his little backpack on.... I threatened to follow him up there and do it anyway, but I had my pajamas on so he knew I was lying! So, we took pics in the driveway. I was evidently still asleep as they look like crap! Evidently I was a little more awake when it came to Clints pictures!

Ok, second part of the post, VACATION ROCKS! We had such a great time at lake Degray. I love it! I know that will NOT be our last time there. The boat was awesome except for a little tow in on the last day. I was really bad about taking pictures. No group shot, not separate family shots, nothing.... I was having too much fun! I'll upload some pics tomorrow, but for now, I'm going home!

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