Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pleasant surprise at Lunch

While frequenting my local hobby lobby today at lunch...(yes, I went yesterday too..) I didn't have anything to use my coupon on yet...I wandered the isles desparately seeking something that I do not have...when all of a sudden I saw them...I saw something that my friend hippiehickChick had told me about seeing in World Market. A big pair of scissors for my scrapbook room. Of course I rushed to World Market after she told me about them in hopes they were on sale, but no they were $50... I am only mildly insane, not all the way! So, I found a similiar pair, not as big, not wooden, and they do not open like the ones at the Market, but they still can be hung on the door or wall and get the same point across. All for a mere $8.99 they were on sale!!! I didn't even have to use my coupon...which of course left me wandering the isles once again. But this time with a huge smile on my face :)


Cary said...

Cool - but I need to SEE them! PICTURES????

Happyhome said...

Oh, I LOVE deals like that on something you have been dying to have! I'm with Cary...pictures!