Monday, May 5, 2008

My "not" so little boy

It is finally over! We can all breathe now! Tyler has gotten his Eagle and the ceremony is now over. Sitting there in the audience yesterday it dawned on me on how far he has come in Scouting. As the leaders got up there talking about talking about all of his struggles and how he overcame them really tugged at my heartstrings. Tyler has always had to work for anything that he gets. Things just do not come easy for him (well, unless it plugs in, then he is a genius at it!) and to hear from the guys on how he overcame leadership issues, physical issues and sometimes even mental issues really made me proud. He is a great kid (even though he won't clean his room!)


Cary said...

You should be very proud. Tyler is a great kid! Y'all did an awesome job on the ceremony yesterday!

Happyhome said...

Congratulations Tyler...and Mom!