Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Is the whole year about Christmas???

I am so tired of Christmas starting in July. I mean come on, whatever happened to Halloween and Thanksgiving? The isles are full of Christmas items and whether you need them now or not, you had better buy them or they will be gone. All the crazy fools that buy in October have already bought up the good stuff!!! I refuse to buy Christmas decorations when I am wearing shorts and flip flops! Good gracious! At any rate, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Let us all show our thanks to our loved ones around us. For those that I will not see tomorrow, I thank you for being a part of my life. I am surrounded by such good people all the time. I want to thank all the girlfriends that sit around and listen to me gripe about life's little stuff that I turn into big stuff. I want to thank my mom and sister for coming over to help me with whatever jam I have gotten myself into that I really need help in finishing up. I am thankful to Tyler for being such a great kid. I know that I gripe about him, but he really is awesome! So yall don't eat too much turkey and have a good long weekend!

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