Monday, November 26, 2007

How does 4 days go so fast?

It seems as if I left work early on Wednesday and the next 4 days were a blurr. Time flew so fast. Progress on the house is going good. Not as fast as one pushy female in our house would like it, but it is going. We were finally able to set up the living room on Saturday night. Everything is cleaned and dusted, the floors done, new paint, new baseboards....and let me tell you...IT LOOKS FABULOUS!!! Man, why didn't I do this when I moved in? Why do I have to wait until we go to sell it to make all of these great changes? I am not doing that on the next house! The entry way is almost almost I mean I painted as high up the walls as I possibly could and now I have to either rent scaffolding or hire someone to finish. Let me tell you, unless it is cheap, I am climbing my fat rear up 15 feet of scaffolding to paint it. Everyone needs to say some prayers for me on that day!!! The dining room/office is coming along nicely, it has 2/3 of the floors done and it is painted and baseboard ready. So basically, what I am saying, I needed another 4 days to get done with everything!!! Basically we didn't get to use 2 of the 4 days as we had the Thanksgiving thing on Thursday and on Friday we went to the land. Steve and Doye cut down several trees and burned them. That project is a whole nother blog itself! Have a great day getting back in the swing of work today!

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Cary Lyn said...

You I'll pray for you...I might even hold the scaffolding steady for you while I take photos!! HEE HEE!!