Monday, September 15, 2008


Ok, so I have no pics to share today. Just some random stuff that makes me happy and unhappy.
1. Tonya loved her wedding album I did for her. She cried and that made me happy.
2. We love the camper more every night that we stay in it. We had a little difficulty with the generator this weekend but with the great advice from Tonya and Beverly Steve charged the battery and we are good to go! I love it when he can fix something himself and not have to take it to a shop. We have so much to learn about this stuff. But it is fun doing it! Now to get the gas working is the project for him.
3. Tires...everyone has new tires now and we are all good to go on the road and safe. Including the camper. Being safe, that makes me happy.
4. Dancing....went dancing again this weekend for a party. Dancing means using up calories, using up calories...that makes me happy.
5. The weather....IS THIS NOT GREAT? I had a chill this morning when I went out to let Bear out. It felt great! I had better enjoy it since it will probably last only a week in the 80's and then it will drop into the 50's...that is how weather is here in the Lone star state...
6. Bear.....Bear is such a good dog. I love him....he makes me very happy. Steve gave him a bath last night and while out in the yard pulling weeds he came out with me. He was very good, never ran off, and 2 people stopped to pet him and said how adorable he was... I love him....

1. The damage from the Hurricane...all of the place. I feel so sorry for those families. I would be devastated and lost just as they are. I feel for them and I feel guilty that my life goes on here like nothing is happening here in the big Lone Star State.
2. The commuter crash in LA. Horrible. Just horrible. Why do these things happen?
3. Appts...I am in the process of setting up several appts for Tyler for dental and vision seems like it is always something... but at least he has his great health and for that I feel very blessed. I feel guilty even griping about that stuff...forget I said anything.
Looking at my list now, I guess I am in a fairly good mood as my happy's out weigh my unhappys BIG TIME! yall take it easy and hopefully I'll have some pics this week of something...I don't know what...but something!

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