Friday, September 5, 2008

How much more tempted can I be?

Vikki brought these little babies in this morning....I have to walk through the breakroom to go to the is killing me to walk by and not grab one...normally I would have eaten 3 by now.... SOMEONE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD COME EAT THESE THINGS and throw away the box outside so I don't have to smell it!
Also, I survived Road House last night with a basket of rolls sitting in front of me and I didn't eat one bite... this is much, much harder than I thought. Can the others in this contest with me please, please break down and eat bread soon so I can win?

1 comment:

Happyhome said...

Oh my gosh those look good! You have some serious will power girlfriend. Good luck with the contest...I would have caved already...of course that would depend on the amount of $$$ involved!