Monday, July 28, 2008

My baby...

Ok, so not so much a baby any more... Ty turned 16 yesterday! Yes, 16 years ago I was laying in labor and delivery getting induced because the child would not leave the womb.... now he is trying break free 16 years later! He had a couple of friends and his cousin over yesterday for a little swim, a little 4 wheeling (not one of my better parenting decisions I've ever made), and then a little mongolian food at our new fav spot Genghis grill. It was several of the kids first time there and they were very leary at first. They finally got the hang of it 3 bowls later! I hope that he had a great birthday! He loaded up on some cash, a GPS, a jeep, and some bling from Garrett... ;) Love you baby and I hope the next 16 years goes slower than the first 16 did!

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