Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm sad....but happy!

Lots of changes happening around us right now. The house that we have worked so hard on is selling and we will start seeing the fruits of our labor in means of $$... the lake house that I grew up in, it is selling, I guess this is just a new chapter in the rest of our lives... on to new adventures.

Now for the HAPPY! We moved my scrapbook room last night... IT ALL FIT on one wall of our I will go to sleep looking at my scrapbook stuff and wake up looking at it....NOW IF I WOULD ONLY USE IT!
Yall have a good weekend and if you have any boxes...drop em' off our way. We need them!

1 comment:

Hippie Hick Chick said...

Ahhhh...your sappy (sad + happy)!

As for your scrapbook stuff...I DO NOT SEE HOW ALL THAT STUFF FIT ON ONE WALL!!!! You had a store!! I'll just have to see that to believe it!