Wednesday, February 13, 2008

****NEWS FLASH****

We now have two Eagle Scouts in the house! Tyler joined the ranks of Eagle Scout last night. After a few tears from a couple of his leaders and himself he was congratulated. I am SOOOOO proud of him. He has worked long and hard for the honor. Camping, participation, leadership, that all came easy to him. The bookwork was a different story....and unfortunately that is what he couldn't attain it without it. But he perservered (Franks words) and I am so proud for him. This isn't just an accomplishment for him, but for all the leaders as well. If it were not for them he could not have made it. They are an awesome group of guys and gals that put in countless hours to make a difference in these young mens lives. Hats off to all of you for a job well done. Pics will follow. (I forgot my card reader this morning)


Jana said...

Congrats to your young man.....that's a huge accomplishment!!!

Happyhome said...

Congratulations to Tyler! What an incredible accomplishment.

Great job on the V-day book too. Hope you are finally feeling better.