Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Land Progress

Here are some pics from this past weekend's work.
This is the driveway leading up to the house
This at the end of the drive looking over to where the house is going to be. We are just about done cutting trees for the size of the house. Next we have to determine how many feet out from the house needs to be cut. That is the part I do not like...
Another pic of the house pad. Yes those trees in the middle will be cut down. Anyone need any firewood??
We went up to the cabin that we stayed in OK this past weekend. I wanted to get some measurements and let my architect aka Aunt Vicky see what I kept talking about in means of the floorplan. I think she has a clearer picture now. Some modifications will have to be made, but hopefully it will end up similar to this. I already know, utility bills will be expensive... you don't have to tell me. I'll cut back on something else....We will not have these big windows as it would cost like my next 2 years salary. But we will have some on the end like this. Thanks for looking!

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Cary said...

I know I'm supposed to be happy about the land coming along so well....but I'm not! = (