Monday, December 15, 2008

I'd lose my butt if it weren't attached....

My dad used to tell me that ALL the freaking I beleive it. Since we moved I haven't been able to find anything...not that it happened in the move, I just don't have "places" to put things where I normally would... so I wanted to report that I have been on a roll today. First, I found a $17,000 check that I accidently threw in my scrap bin when I finally cleaned off the table last night. (If only I would have waited one day...) next I was on a tear looking for 3 other purple bag with my ipod in it, our passports, and my keycard for real estate. All were things that I could not for the life of me find... Well, I am happy to report I don't have anything missing now! I found my my car...right where I used keep it...only I looked there a couple of times, and couldn't find it, the bag, in my closet, and the passports..on my pseudo desk...right where I normally put them... I swear...I'm retarded... (no comments on that please!)

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