Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm too dang old for concerts

I should just stick to the radio... We went to the Taylor Swift/Rascal Flatts concert this weekend. I have not been to a concert in years. And probably won't go for many more years! There were so many teenagers there....ok, so we took three of them that were but still, I think parents dropped off carloads of em! We sat in the lawn so we of course didn't get any good pics. I couldn't remember if I could take a camera in or not so I just took a little one in. Not great pics, but I will post them. I couldn't get anything on stage to remotely come in... we were in the BACK of the lawn...the people on stage were midgets....
oh, I forgot, 1/2 of those teenage girls were running around with short skirts, and tall cowboy boots.... for the most part they were cute, but man, some of them, you know mama and daddy had no clue...and if they did, they should have their parental rights taken away!

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Cary said...

Awww look at you old cutie pies all loved up and posing for the camera!!